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The Digital Asset Alliance is dedicated to bring together top decision-makers from banks and financial intermediaries in Europe to discuss topics that evolve and disrupt the financial industry in an exclusive atmosphere.

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By receiving your invitation card you got invited to join an exclusive circle of influental persons in the banking & financial industry. We believe that in a world where technology, customer demands and the overall framework  change so fast, it is important for the participants in the ecosystem to collaborate and exchange ideas how to improve the financial world. That`s why we founded the Digital Banking Club, an exclusive and invite-only initiative that brings together like-minded fintech-friendly innovative banks and financial intermediaries and offers access to important content for the banking industry.

For that, we regularly organize get-togethers in different locations overall Europa. Members of the Digital Banking Club are invited to listen to renowned speakers and participate in panel discussions in an exclusive atmosphere. Only for members of our club, we also regularly offer free copies of our “Digital Banking 101” report series where current trends in the financial industry are reflected from different perspectives. Digital Banking Club participants also get the chance to receive free tickets for well-known and exclusive banking events.

Simply register with your email address and we take you into our community and connect you to our members. Feel free to contact us if you have questions or annotations.

We hope to welcome you to our next event very soon.


Max Heinzle

CEO & Founder AG

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