FTX disaster: Why there is an urgent need for fully regulated trading venues

The bankruptcy of the crypto exchange FTX is causing horror in the market, as investors are threatened with billions in losses. Does this mean a setback for the crypto ecosystem with its promise of decentralising the financial sector? Max J. Heinzle, CEO of FinTech 21finance, develops modern distribution platforms for digital financial products with his … Continued

“EU pilot regime”: 21finance presents the digital trading platform of the future

When investors want to place an order they are still dependent on the cumbersome journey through financial intermediaries - a process that is no longer up to date. In order to ensure more independence, efficiency and swiftness in the future, and ultimately to strengthen its own competitiveness in the field of new financial technologies, the EU is launching a “pilot regime” using so-called distributed … Continued

“Despite some hurdles, a must for institutional investors”

  New whitepaper: Strong arguments in favor of tokenized assets Blockchain technology and financial products based on it, such as Security Tokens, are opening up new potential for the financial industry. A wide variety of assets are able to be issued in purely digital form via Security Token Offerings (STO). What makes Security Tokens so … Continued

21finance: What banks can learn from their neo-competitors

  Traditional banks and financial intermediaries are struggling with technology-savvy competitors who are continuously grabbing market share. On the one hand, they are much more willing to take risks and are not afraid of entering new technologies such as blockchain. On the other hand, they are adapting more quickly to a new generation of investors. … Continued

Security Token facing broad secondary market tradability?

  A whole new segment of the financial world is emerging. Numerous banks, traditional and crypto exchanges, and startups are currently working on secondary markets for Security Token. The new trading venues are intended to enable the simultaneous purchase and sale of tokens. What potential this offers and what obstacles still need to be removed … Continued

21finance: Future Banking will be digital

  The FinTech market will remain hot in 2022: Digital banking, connectivity, open banking, and crypto are the future trends that will continue to dominate the industry this year, according to the experts at 21finance. In addition, the IPO market for FinTechs is also likely to see a lot of activity. For the Liechtenstein FinTech … Continued

21finance welcomes new Venture Capital investor

  Frankfurt (DE)/Vienna (AT)/Ruggell (FL), 16.12.2021. The Venture Capital (VC) holding company Cestria has become a new shareholder of the fintech 21finance. Cestria acquired 33 percent of the shares in 21finance from Bank Frick, replacing the latter as the most significant shareholder. Cestria will provide advisory support to 21finance's management team and provide access to … Continued

The white label distribution platform for traditional and digital assets

21finance now offers banks and financial intermediaries unique platform solution for digital distribution of traditional and digital assets. Frankfurt, May 18, 2021 - With its B2B product "Marketplace as a Service" (MaaS), 21.finance AG enables banks and financial intermediaries to quickly and profitably enter the digital direct sales market. In addition to traditional product classes … Continued