21.finance and GfK form strategic partnership to tap crypto securities market

FinTech company 21.finance and crypto securities registry leader GfK have entered into a strategic partnership to jointly tap into the fast-growing market for crypto securities and tokenized financial products. The two companies plan to combine their services to provide platform operators with a comprehensive offering for the issuance, distribution and trading of crypto securities. The collaboration comes at the right time, as the crypto securities market is expected to grow to €200 billion by 2026.


FinTech company 21.finance and crypto securities registrar GfK have formed a strategic partnership to jointly tap into the fast-growing market for crypto securities and tokenized financial products. The consulting firm ZEB, forecasts that the market of crypto securities is expected to increase to EUR 63 billion in 2024 and further grow to EUR 200 billion by 2026. The collaboration between 21.finance and GfK enables both companies to combine their complementary services and offer distribution platforms and issuers a comprehensive range of services for the issuance, distribution and trading of crypto securities.

21.finance is an innovative provider of decentralized software solutions, which enables banks, financial intermediaries and companies outside the financial sector to operate digital distribution platforms for crypto securities and tokenized financial products based on Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). In addition, 21.finance is working on a DLT-based trading system (DLT TSS) for regulated financial instruments such as stocks, bonds, and funds. With this, 21.finance plans to provide issuers of tokenized financial instruments with access to a regulated secondary market. The collaboration with GfK will enable operators of platforms provided by 21.finance to issue and distribute crypto securities using GfK’s registry services.

“The cooperation between 21.finance and GfK is an important step towards tapping into the growing market for crypto securities. Together, we can combine our unique expertise in registry management and digital finance platform operations to make it easier for our customers to access securities. We are excited about the opportunity to be at the forefront of the next generation of financial technologies together.”  says Max Heinzle, founder and CEO of 21.finance.

GfK specializes in maintaining a crypto securities registry in accordance with the Electronic Securities Act (eWpG) in Germany. As one of the leading companies, GfK is experienced in the registration of crypto securities (KWPs) and can offer their issuance both with and without tokenization. GfK assists issuers at an early stage and offers access to a strong partner network of experienced lawyers and technology providers. GfK’s team has decades of experience in financial technology and regulation and can thus quickly and competently execute crypto registrations.

Through the cooperation, the two companies will join forces and expand their customer base. “The partnership with 21.finance enables GfK to provide issuers of crypto securities with a digital distribution channel via their own white-label platform. In particular, the ability to place crypto securities on multiple distribution platforms through 21.finance’s network has great added value for our clients. 21.finance’s flexible offering will enable our customers to successfully enter the growing market for tokenized securities.” – Thomas Kramer, Head of Business Development at GfK


About GfK 

GfK is a company focused on maintaining a crypto securities registry in accordance with the Electronic Securities Act (eWpG). The experienced team has many years of capital market experience and expertise in financial technology and regulation. The company provides support to issuers in the issuance of electronic securities and has a strong partner network of experienced lawyers, technology providers and distribution partners. GfK handles the registration of crytowert securities with and without tokenization and manages them throughout the entire lifecycle of the security.


About 21.finance AG 

With its innovative, decentralized Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, 21.finance AG offers banks, financial intermediaries as well as companies outside the financial sector the opportunity to maintain digital marketplaces for the distribution of financial products. Through their own marketplace, operators can issue, distribute and make available for trading in the secondary market financial instruments such as shares, bonds, investment funds or even security tokens and cryptocurrencies in compliance with the law. Through the SaaS offering of 21.finance AG, many other services along the value chain, such as the opening of a wallet, can be flexibly included. Investors can thus be offered a fully digital and regulated investment experience. If desired, issuers can place financial instruments on additional marketplaces within the 21finance network. In this way, reach and product diversity can be significantly increased.

Based on the EU’s DLT pilot regime, a subsidiary based in Germany is currently entering the application and approval process for a DLT-based trading and settlement system (DLT-TSS). With this step, the full potential of DLT financial instruments can be unleashed through an efficient and regulatory compliant secondary market. With 21.finance AG, the respective marketplace operators also benefit from a time- and cost-efficient entry into digital distribution – and into a digital financial world.


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Contact GfK

Thomas Kramer 

Head of Business Development 

GfK – Gesellschaft für Kryptoregisterführung mbH 

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