21finance and DonauCapital announce strategic partnership to expand service offering

21finance and DonauCapital decide to partner around an integrated solution for investment platforms for digital assets. Under a cooperation agreement, DonauCapital’s service offering will be integrated into 21finance’s software and service solution. 21finance enables companies to distribute financial products and crypto assets via white label investment platforms. As an expert in customized liability umbrella solutions, DonauCapital is an ideal partner to enable investment and deal brokering for tokenized assets.

The partnership will significantly expand 21finance’s service offering, enabling 21core customers to map savings plan and investment portfolio business models, for instance. In addition, 21finance and DonauCapital plan to cooperate in the area of 21finance’s blockchain-based trading platform, which is to be licensed as a DLT trading and settlement system under the EU pilot regime. This is intended to enable the pan-European distribution of tokenized funds, equities and debt instruments.


21finance and DonauCapital announce the conclusion of a strategic partnership to expand their service offering. DonauCapital Wertpapier GmbH is a leading company in the field of individual liability umbrella solutions for regulated financial services. As a new partner in 21finance’s network, DonauCapital will in particular contribute to ensuring the legitimate operation of digital asset platforms for 21finance’s customers. The cooperation between the two companies will enable joint customers to offer regulated financial services as tied agents, thus opening up new business opportunities. In this context, DonauCapital acts as a reliable liability umbrella and offers customized solutions in accordance with the requirements of Section 3 (2) of the German Securities Institutions Act (Wertpapierinstitutsgesetz). The strategic partnership represents an important step for both companies to complement their service offering.

As their first joint customer project, 21finance and DonauCapital plan to launch an integration of the liability umbrella solution in the field of cryptocurrency trading with individual savings plan and investment portfolio functionalities. “We are very pleased to be working with DonauCapital. DonauCapital’s many years of experience and high level of specialization enable us to provide our customers with new and innovative platform functionalities” – says Max Heinzle, founder and CEO of 21finance.

With its innovative, decentralized software solution, 21finance offers banks, financial intermediaries as well as companies outside the financial sector the possibility to operate digital marketplaces for the distribution of crypto assets and financial products based on Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). This white-label software enables operators to issue or trade tokenized financial instruments such as stocks, bonds or funds, as well as cryptocurrencies on their own marketplace in compliance with the law. Investors are thus offered a fully digital and regulated investment experience. Integrated components of the software solution include wallet opening, tokenization and registry management, as well as the inclusion of a liability umbrella as a licensor for the platform. If desired, issuers can place their financial products on additional marketplaces within the 21finance network to increase their reach and product diversity. In addition, 21finance is developing a DLT-based exchange (Trading and Settlement Solution) for regulated financial instruments, such as stocks, bonds and funds. This regulated DLT exchange will offer its participants the unique competitive advantage of a regulated secondary market.

The partnership with Donau Capital will expand the offering of both companies and provide their customers with a unique competitive advantage. “With 21finance’s one-stop shop, our customers can fully concentrate on their core business” emphasizes Kurz Ziegler – CEO of DonauCapital Wertpapier GmbH. With DonauCapital Wertpapier GmbH, a competent partner is added to the 21finance network. The expertise and experience for individual liability umbrella solutions is a valuable addition to 21finance’s comprehensive range of services.


About DonauCapital Wertpapier GmbH 

DonauCapital Wertpapier GmbH is a specialist for individual liability umbrella solutions, operates its own team of brokers and offers classic interbank trading, including trading in foreign exchange spot, forward, custody and derivative transactions as well as brokerage of financial instruments. Principals and customers in this segment are exclusively banks and financial service providers licensed in Europe. The liability umbrella solutions are offered in accordance with section 3 (2) WpIG. This enables customers to provide digital financial services, brokerage of brokerage and bank accounts without a license, and investment brokerage and investment advisory services that require a license.


About 21.finance AG 

With its innovative, decentralized Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, 21.finance AG offers banks, financial intermediaries as well as companies outside the financial sector the opportunity to maintain digital marketplaces for the distribution of financial products. Through their own marketplace, operators can issue, distribute and make available for trading in the secondary market financial instruments such as shares, bonds, investment funds or even security tokens and cryptocurrencies in compliance with the law. Through the SaaS offering of 21.finance AG, many other services along the value chain, such as the opening of a wallet, can be flexibly included. Investors can thus be offered a fully digital and regulated investment experience. If desired, issuers can place financial instruments on additional marketplaces within the 21finance network. This significantly increases reach and product diversity.


Based on the EU’s DLT pilot regime, the software developer for digital distribution platforms is currently entering the application and approval process for a DLT-based trading and settlement system (DLT-TSS). With this step, the full potential of DLT financial instruments can be unleashed through an efficient and regulatory compliant secondary market. With 21.finance AG, the respective marketplace operators also benefit from a time- and cost-efficient entry into digital distribution – and into a digital financial world.


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