The white label distribution platform for traditional and digital assets

21finance now offers banks and financial intermediaries unique platform solution for digital distribution of traditional and digital assets.

Frankfurt, May 18, 2021 – With its B2B product “Marketplace as a Service” (MaaS), AG enables banks and financial intermediaries to quickly and profitably enter the digital direct sales market. In addition to traditional product classes such as shares, bonds, certificates and funds, it is also digital assets such as tokenized securities and cryptocurrencies that can be offered and subscribed on its own marketplace. “MaaS solves the complexity of matching investor and product. Whether private or public placement for non-professional, professional and institutional investors, investors are offered the appropriate products depending on the target customer and target country,” explains Max J. Heinzle, CEO of 21finance.

Several international banks and financial service providers have already opted for the fintech’s solution. Partnerships with leading core banking system providers will be announced shortly. Due to the high investments in software development, the product and service offering will be continuously developed. “In doing so, we rely primarily on feedback from our business customers and the investor community. They bring us experience from the market – that is our top priority,” says Mathias Breier, CFO of 21finance.

Advanced features such as the opening of accounts, securities accounts and wallets in the course of onboarding or the trading and custody of cryptocurrencies and digital assets are already enabled by 21finance for its customers. In addition, numerous integrable banking services are available in the MaaS solution.

“We are taking a significant development step with the 21connect network, which links the individual platforms and their products at the request of customers – creating new opportunities in digital sales across Europe,” explains Heinzle. Access to investors from multiple platforms increases placement reach and thus placement probability. “21connect is eagerly awaited by our customers,” Heinzle can report from conversations with customers.

The 21finance service team fully manages the platform for customers and continues to develop it in compliance with regulatory requirements. The technical connection with international banking partners and the modularity of the platform enable fast and individual integration into the customer’s existing infrastructure and corporate identity.

Max J. Heinzle, summarizes: “MaaS enables the development of new markets and customers, offers digital investment products to existing customers and thus increases both revenue and assets under management. At the same time, our customers drastically reduce their costs by outsourcing management and through process automation.”

Marketplace as a Service  summary:

  • Processes regulated by financial authorities including investor categorization according to┬áMiFID II into professional and non-professional investors.
  • Integration into the customer’s existing infrastructure and corporate identity
    through agilely developed front-end and back-end with API-first approach.
  • Fast and profitable implementation through complete management
    Including interface development, product creation, and end-user support.
  • Completion of the service offering through an extensive partner network
    With interfaces to paying agents, custodians, and identity service providers.


About 21finance
Founded in 2017, AG provides digital and regulated software solutions to optimize the value chain of financial institutions. With Marketplace as a Service (MaaS), 21finance helps financial institutions increase their reach and connect their products and issuers with investors across Europe. With our white label solution, you gain access to software and support services that enable you to deliver an innovative investment experience to your investors.

About Max J. Heinzle
Max J. Heinzle (M.Sc.) studied Global Banking & Finance at the European Business School in London. He gained valuable capital market experience as an investment analyst at a leading venture capital player and later as Head of Capital Markets at a corporate finance company. In 2015, he founded MEZZANY (OneCrowd Securities GmbH) in Germany. MEZZANY is a pioneer in crowdinvesting with a transaction volume of more than 100 million euros and over 90,000 registered users. In March 2017, Max Heinzle founded AG.