Anatomy & Context of Security Token Offerings


Following the increasing general interest in cryptocurrencies, Security Token Offerings (STO) are now coming to the attention of media, investors and issuing companies. With the 21finance whitepaper series, we offer guidance on the topic of STO and shed light on various aspects of this new type of financial product.

Together with more than 30 experts from the blockchain-, finance- and banking-industry, we provide answers to critical questions on the topic of Security Token Offerings in a six-part whitepaper series.


Security Token Offerings

Like no other technology before it, the blockchain has drastically changed the financial industry and will continue to do so. While the largest applications of this technology – cryptocurrencies – have already gone mainstream, other use cases, such as Security Token, are only on the verge of a breakthrough.

Nevertheless, the “Tokenization of Everything” is advancing in leaps and bounds. One would be right to say that the advantages for issuers and investors clearly outweigh the disadvantages. Tokenization, i.e. the packaging of assets into digital units, and the associated fractionalization of these assets offer unimagined possibilities. Whereas it used to be almost impossible to share paintings, vintage cars, real estate or licensing, usage and participation rights and make them investable and tradable for a large number of people, this can now be done very well and comprehensibly based on blockchain technology.

This huge potential is reflected on the one hand in the market forecasts for the transaction volume for Security Token, and on the other hand in the large number and variety of enquiries that we receive every day. We have noticed that there is a gap between the market potential and the actual client enquiries, which we want to close with our whitepaper series “Security Token Offerings: Anatomy and Context”.

Digital assets like Security Token can change the financial world for good. What we see in our daily work is that there is still uncertainty on this topic. With our series, we want to bridge the gap between the present and the future of investing, in which blockchain will play a major role.

Max J. Heinzle



Multiple experts from the tokenization industry shared their thoughts and opinions in the whitepaper series

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