Whitelabel software as a service solution


21finance offers Marketplace as a Service (MaaS) to financial institutions wanting to broaden their reach by connecting their products and issuers with investors across the globe.

With our whitelabel solution, you get access to both software and support services to offer your investors a complete digital and regulated investment experience.


Increase revenue and assets under management

Gain access to new revenue channels, digital distribution processes and increased deal flows. Thanks to efficiencies like semi-automated investor onboarding, user identification and communication, you can increase revenue and assets under management while cutting operational costs by up to 70%.

Full service back-office

Our solution includes onboarding, optimisation and management - from customising your Marketplace to supporting your investors.

API-first approach

Your Marketplace is API compatible, e.g. with token wallets, KYC/AML banking requirements, as well as other reporting systems.

Tokenised assets

Including funds, shares,
bonds, certificates and structured products as well as all asset classes.


Agile engineered
front- and backend

We have taken great care to offer you a turnkey Marketplace that is truly whitelabel. It is easy and intuitive to use on the front- and back-end, and can be fully customised to your brand identity, including customer communication documents.

Our solution is agile, adaptable and constantly evolving to align with digital and industry best practices as well as with the priorities of our clients.


Agile engineered
front- and backend

We have taken great care to offer you a pixel perfect Marketplace that is truly whitelabel. It is easy and intuitive to use on the front- and back-end, and can be fully customised to your brand identity, including full customer communications & documents.

Our solution is agile, adaptable and constantly evolving to align with digital and industry best practices as well as with the priorities of our clients.


Own and operate a Marketplace that covers the entire product and asset spectrum


With our MaaS network, 21connect is establishing a global community of financial institutions who see the value in collaborating through cross-border partnerships.

Originate, syndicate and distribute public and private market opportunities, co-placing products across multiple marketplaces of banks, asset/wealth managers, funds, corporates and other intermediaries.

By pooling the buy- and sell-side of selected marketplace clients, we can offer even deeper placement power and increased reach.

Our software allows you to increase revenue and assets under management by accessing new investors. At the same time, you reduce your operating costs – all with a fast and customised implementation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What compliance aspects are covered by the MaaS solution?

The MaaS solution covers the following aspects of onboarding individuals and legal entities, among others: Anti-Money Laundering (AML) check, Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) coverage, investor risk profile assessment according to MIFID II directive (EU/EEA) or FIDLEG (Switzerland).

Which countries are covered in terms of regulation?

The MaaS solution is bilingual (English and German) and can be used in both the EU/EEA and Switzerland. We will be happy to clarify further country coverage for you.

What license is required to operate a marketplace?

To operate a MaaS solution, a bank license, financial intermediary license or a corresponding liability umbrella is required. Please contact us for more information on license and liability umbrella.

Does 21finance also support the creation of financial products?

21.Finance AG draws on an extensive partner network of law firms, tokenization partners, banks, custodians, wallet providers, paying agents and liability umbrella providers and supports issuers from the structuring of a financial product to the creation of a prospectus and the listing on the marketplace.

How is data security ensured?

To ensure the highest data security standards, we and our partners strictly comply with all regulations of the GDPR.

Where is the data stored?

The data centers are located in Germany and are certified according to ISO 27001 and other standards.

How is investor protection ensured?

Investor protection is the highest good. Your customers always remain your customers. Customer data is kept strictly separate for each MaaS client in a separate instance.

What services are included in the 21finance MaaS offering?

As part of the MaaS offering, 21.Finance AG takes over the operational running of the marketplace. This mainly includes the following services:


Issuer services:

Onboarding of all issuer types

Compliance checks of all issuers

Product creation, product management and product maintenance

Issuer investment and issuer maintenance

Ongoing data management

Parameterization of issues


Investor services:

Onboarding of all investor types

Compliance checks of all investors

Digital identification and categorization according to MiFID II

Ongoing data management

(Technical Support)


Software services:

IT hosting and application management (managed service as well as back-end management)

Operation, maintenance and development Data storage to banking standards Continuous software optimization

Provision of reports for MaaS clients and their issuers

Settlement of grants/commissions

Is there an opportunity to take a look at the marketplace?

We use the platform www.area2invest.com as our innovation driver. To receive a customized product demo, you can contact us at any time via the contact form.

Which asset classes can be listed?

We offer a true 360° portfolio: Equity, Fixed Income, Commodities, Real Estate and Cryptocurrencies – both traditional and tokenised. Issuers can individually decide whether they prefer public or private placements, target their offering to professional or private investors. If you have specific requirements or special asset classes or peculiarities, we will be happy to help you.

Which product classes can be listed?

We offer a true 360° portfolio: Bonds, funds, equities, certificates and structured products – both traditional and tokenised. Issuers can decide individually whether to direct public or private placements professional or private investors. If you have specific requirements or special product types or peculiarities, we will be happy to help you.

Can tokenised products also be listed?

Yes, the MaaS solution includes both traditional and tokenised products.

What reporting features does MaaS offer?

Upon request, product, investor and order reports are periodically sent to the MaaS client. In addition, there is the option to send a report on pending and completed orders per issuer on a regular basis.

What does 21connect include?

Through its MaaS network, 21connect is building a global community of financial institutions that recognize the value of collaboration through cross-border partnerships. Generate, aggregate and distribute private and public placements by placing products on multiple marketplaces from banks, asset/wealth managers, funds, corporates and other intermediaries. By bundling the buy-side and sell-side of interested marketplace clients, we can offer even stronger placement power and greater reach.

Can 21finance assist with marketplace design?

Yes. Our team of design and UI/UX experts will be happy to assist you in designing your marketplace in line with your corporate design.

Can 21finance assist with the design of a new website?

Our website partner can create a new website entirely according to your wishes and at transparent and fair prices. The 21finance marketing team will be happy to advise you on this.

Can 21finance support the PR around the marketplace and the promotion of individual products?

We have experienced PR agencies with a broad network of industry contacts at our side. Through 21finance, you can use the services of one or more of these agencies at prices below the market average and thus obtain contacts to renowned industry media. Through our press clipping service, you are always in the picture regarding your media appearances.

Can 21finance increase our reach through its own channels?

We are happy to support you by placing your content through our own channels and can thus maximize your reach.

Can 21finance assist with event design?

We are happy to support you in the selection of suitable events as well as in the complete planning and organization. Through our partner network of event organizers, we can offer you particularly attractive conditions for event sponsorships.

How does onboarding work for natural persons?

The registration of a natural person takes place in self-service in two steps. First, the initial registration including confirmation of the email address is performed and second, the user account is completed in compliance with the relevant regulatory requirements. These include the following points:

  • Collection of contact details
  • Carrying out the self-disclosure: source of funds, investor profile as well as knowledge and experience incl. MIFID II investor categorization (professional investor/private investor)
  • Execution of identification: information on PEP property, identity statement and identity verification (videoident at identification service provider)
  • Registration of account, custody account and wallet details

How does onboarding for legal entities work?

What are the requirements for the registration of a legal entity?

What types of investors can register on the marketplace?

Both natural and legal persons as well as private, professional and institutional investors can register.

How does the identification of natural persons take place?

The identification of natural persons is divided into the PEP property information, identity information and identity verification. The identity verification takes place via the video identification procedure.

What is the order process for investors?

A verified user has the possibility to subscribe to financial products according to his country of residence and MIFID II investor categorization. The subscription process takes into account EU/EEA/CH regulatory requirements and includes the following process steps:

  • Entry of subscription data (amount or units, selection of settlement account and custody account).
  • Mandatory document download incl. confirmation
  • Entry of TIN (if required for financial product)
  • Validation of cost overview (according to MIFID II)
  • Validation of appropriateness
  • Confirmation by button click on “invest with obligation to pay

How does the order processing for issuers take place?

Issuers automatically receive information about incoming orders via the interface of the MaaS solution. They then have the option to accept or reject orders. Once the order has been accepted, the payment request is triggered or the amount is debited directly from the investor’s account. The issuer then independently delivers the corresponding financial product.

What are the options for MaaS investors to hold tokenised financial products?

Basically, there are two options for connecting a custodial solution for tokenised products. In the custodial setup, MaaS clients can access the existing custody solution of a 21finance partner or commission the connection of their own partner. In the non-custodial setup, investors can deposit their own custody for tokenised products in onboarding. It is also possible to use both solutions in parallel or to offer multiple custodians if necessary.

Can a proprietary wallet be deposited for the delivery of tokens?

Yes, own wallets can be deposited for different DLT protocols by the investor. In this case, the investor confirms the own custody and assumes full responsibility for the custody of tokenised products.

How does the custody of traditional financial products take place?

Traditional financial products must be held in a bank custody account. For this purpose, the investor can deposit his own bank custody account in the marketplace during onboarding. If desired, it is also possible to connect a partner for automatic opening of a securities account.

Which interfaces are available?

Connection options are available via our RESTful API. For easier exchange of documents with issuers, we also offer an OpenData interface. More information about our API is available upon request.

What are the customization options for the marketplace?

Our solution includes a high degree of customization options. In addition to logo and imagery, the corporate identity/corporate design can be adopted. In addition, there is the possibility to individually adapt the standard offering to your needs through a set of options.

Can existing partners be integrated?

MaaS clients can either use the extensive partner network of 21.Finance AG and benefit from existing interfaces, or bring in existing, own partners for the depository, paying agent or tokenization function.

In which languages is MaaS available?

The languages German and English are available as standard. Due to our flexible approach, any other required language can be integrated quickly and easily for you.

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