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Real Estate

Tokenization solves common challenges of real estate by breaking down larger assets into smaller, more easily tradeable units, increasing liquidity and making it more accessible for investors of all sizes. Additionally, costs can be reduced for investors and real estate developers alike. 

Real World Assets

Wine, classic cars, watches and other types of real-world assets are perfectly suited for tokenization. It allows for the creation of digital tokens that represent ownership or a fraction of ownership of the asset. Distribute tokens directly to all types of investors, make them tradable and use features such as the automatic payment of dividends.

Art & Creator Economy

Connect artists and art collectors over your own digital asset market. Allow artists and creators to tokenize their work, create new revenue streams and reach a wider audience. Make use of NFTs, security tokens or any other asset type. 

Asset- & Fund Management

Distribute and manage investment funds with fully regulated tokenization and marketplace solutions. Tokenized funds benefit from higher liquidity, lower costs, and a broader investor base. Make use of integrated KYC, investor onboarding and secondary market functionality.

Private Equity & Venture Capital

Tokenization democratizes private markets by converting PE & VC into easily tradable digital tokens, making them accessible to a wider range of investors. This allows for a wider range of investors to participate, increased liquidity and reduced costs, while ensuring transparency and security through blockchain technology. Invest in the future of finance with your own platform for alternative assets.

Startups & Financing

Issue and distribute digital tokens that represent ownership in the company or create SAFT agreements on future token offerings. Tokenization enables startups to offer more liquidity and flexibility to investors, as they can easily trade and exchange tokens. This also allows them to access a more diverse group of investors. 

Sustainable Infrastructure

Investments in sustainable assets are skyrocketing. Renewable energy, sustainable transportation, carbon markets or green building can highly benefit from tokenization and accessibility for investors of all sizes. Issue tokens, provide trading functionality and automate payment of dividends with your own white label investment platform. 

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Great expertise and service level. We considered several software solutions to integrate into our ecosystem. But none seemed to meet our requirements. When we came across we were really impressed by their expertise, service level and agile approach. 

Frank Tischler

Managing Director – Agitarex GmbH

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